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Wide Range of PropertiesThe Abyssinian Real Estate Websites lists a wide range of properties from apartments to houses and townhouses from all across EthiopiaRead more
38 Agents for Your ServiceSo far we have 38 Real Estate Agents who are taking the advantage of this online tool in advertising their propertiestRead more
Best Price Guarantee!Because a lot of people advertise with us there is a much chances that you will find what you want in an affordable priceRead more

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  • Dear Sir, It is with great pleasure that I take the time to write and thank you for the excellent ma...
    Getahun Kassa
  • The good thing about the Abyssinian Real Estate is that it gets you covered.
    Befkadu Feleke
  • Dear Abyssinian Real Estate Team, Thank you for all of your hard work in the production of the Abys...
    Amsalech & Emmabet

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Befkadu Feleke

The good thing about the Abyssinian Real Estate is that it gets you covered. Whether your property is located at the edges of Ethiopia or in in the Central part of the country, there is no doubt that it will be pick by our web filtering tool making it available for millions of potential buyers and tenants throughout the country. The good message for you is that when it comes to property search, we got Ethiopia covered.


Although we do not have offices in every state, the Abyssinian Real Estate website covers every inches of Ethiopia in property listing from Adigarat or Adwa in Tigray to Bench-Maji Zone in the South and from the Jijiga in the East to Lare Wereda of Gambella National Regional State. So help Spread the message around and let as many people as possible to us e the website.